How to Install

Download and install the build for your desired platform below, then take a look at how to use the app.

Platform Link Instructions
Windows 32-bit 64-bit Download zip file, unzip it and run the .exe. If you’re not sure if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows read this. If you are Windows 10 you are probably 64-bit.
Android Get it on Google Play Get the Android version from Google Play store. The Android version supports 3D mode or VR mode. If you want to experience VR then you need to get Google Cardboard version 2 or higher, any cardboards bought since 2015 will work. If you don’t have Google Cardboard, then you can still run the app in 3D mode.
Linux Download Download zip file, unzip and run it.
MacOS Download Download zip file, unzip and run it.
iOS This is planned although no release date yet.  

Release Notes

Version 1.30 (January 2018) Latest Version

A bug fix release. Thanks to everyone who gave valuable feedback for these improvements:

  • Release 1.30 contains bug fixes, performance improvements, and lays the groundwork for open sourcing the project.
  • Bug fix: If a specific transaction was chosen as the first node shown, only the first 8 links were recognised and displayed.
  • Feature: The thickness of transaction links (the blue connecting lines) is proportional to the amount of bitcoin transferred.
  • Upgraded to Unity 2017.3.0f3, Google VR 1.120.0, BestHTTP Pro 1.10.3.

Version 1.20 (August 2017)

Minimum viable product, first release.