Controls Description
Mouse Move mouse to look around. Gaze at addresses or transactions to see more information about them.
Keys: W, A, S, D Fly forwards (W), left (A), backwards (S), right (D).
Mouse left-click View an address or transaction and left-click mouse to show more links, if there are any. If your mouse is not 'in the app' then clicking anywhere in the app screen will give your mouse control inside the app.
Key: Esc Toggle mouse 'ownership' between the app and your desktop. Press Esc to 'release' the mouse so you can use it normally on your desktop. Press Esc again to give control to the app so you can look around.
Key: P Toggle physics. Switch off physics for better performance. Physics is switched back on automatically if new nodes are added to the app.
Key: L Toggle labels.
Key: C Gets the address or transaction id that you last gazed at in the app, and copies it into the cell over on the right. This is useful if you want to copy an address or transaction from this app into another app for further analysis.

No id copied yet

Key: G Toggle 'auto-grow'. With this on, nodes 'sprout' new connections automatically, which can look quite pretty. The downside is that performance will get very poor, very quickly.
Key: M Toggle mouse Y axis. When you push mouse forward this controls whether you look up or down as a result.