Product Road Map – Key Themes and Capabilities


Ethereum Integration

  • (Target 2021) Support for Ethereum ERC20 Tokens. This will allow visualising flows into, out of, and between ERC-20 tokens.

Front End Enhancements

  • Annotations - Allow notes to be made by user
  • Information - Allow information from online sources to be streamed in about known addresses, transactions (e/g from etc).
  • Collaboration - Add Unity’s new Google Cloud networking to allow collaborative VR experiences
  • Graph load/save - Allow layouts to be loaded and saved

Improve Performance

  • Improved performance when networks get large - explore improved Force Directed Graph algorithms, potential GPU solution.
  • Offline rendering of huge networks of transactions and addresses, to allow nice renderings to be made

Add Target Platforms

  • (Done) Support for iOS (plus Google Cardboard option)
  • Adding Web-based demo (Unity WebGL)
  • Adding Web-based full-featured build (need to workaround CORS restrictions on
  • Support for other VR viewers (Vive, Oculus)

Add Sources of Data

  • Support for GraphQL-based data sources (there are many)
  • Support for bitcoin cash
  • Support for Hyperledger sources
  • Support for other bitcoin sources (not just

Add Interoperability with other Graph Tools

  • Desktop versions, add ability to export displayed networks to file for import into e.g. Gephi

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