Product Road Map – Key Themes and Capabilities


  • (Due Q3 2018) There has been lots of interest in open sourcing the project. An immediate goal is to remove dependencies on paid Unity Store assets and prepare the code base for GPL v3 open-source licensing.

Ethereum Integration

  • (Due Q4 2018) Support for Ethereum ERC20 Tokens. This will allow visualising flows into, out of, and between ERC-20 tokens (work in progress)

Add Collaboration

  • Add networking to allow collaborative VR experiences

Improve Performance

  • Improved performance when networks get large
  • Offline rendering of huge networks of transactions and addresses, to allow nice renderings to be made

Add Target Platforms

  • (Done) Support for iOS (plus Google Cardboard option)
  • Adding Web-based demo (Unity WebGL)
  • Adding Web-based full-featured build (need to workaround CORS restrictions on
  • Support for other VR viewers (Vive, Oculus)

Add Sources of Data

  • Support for Hyperledger sources
  • Support for other bitcoin sources (not just

Add Interoperability with other Graph Tools

  • Desktop versions, add ability to export displayed networks to file for import into e.g. Gephi

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