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TL;DR: The app is now web-based only. Mobile and desktop versions are discontinued.

A lot has happened since this app was first released:

  • Google have discontinued Cardboard so cheap access to VR gear is no longer so easy.
  • Unity’s WebGL has been steadily improving in stability and performance, whilst at the same time the maintenance of multiple desktop and mobile targets has become more time consuming.
  • The data providers for the bitcoin transaction data have blocked this app’s API key whilst at the same time ignoring all support requests - so it’s bye bye to blockchain.info data. As a result the current mobile and desktop versions no longer work beyond the demo data.

Given these changes, the decision has been made to focus on a web only app and discontinue all mobile and desktop-native versions, which no longer work anyway.

This means any efforts can focus on adding new features and fixing bugs, which can be released almost instantly, instead of platform-specific builds and app store shennanigans. The new web based version is closed source because:

  • It requires no plugins or add-ons to work, just a modern browser. As such, it is safely sandboxed from your OS and private data, so releasing source code to reassure people the app doesn’t steal secrets is less of a necessity.
  • It relies on bespoke cloud services to provide bitcoin data, for which source won’t be released. Therefore any open source code released wouldn’t work anyway.
  • Open source is great, but also requires effort to manage PRs and backwards compatibility. Closed source simplifies future development efforts.
  • The open source code is still available, and will remain so indefinitely. It won’t receive any further updates. It is about 90% the same as the current release as of today. If you get a valid API key from blockchain.info it’s easy to get it up and running again (open the World scene, edit the B3dEngineAllInOne game object and add the Api Key to the AdaptorBtcDotInfo script object).